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Nightlife Travel Tips in South Korea

Thanks to the enormous success of K-pop star Psy's living it up Gangnam styleu in 2012 by rapping about his playboy lifestyle and demonstrating the cool, collectedness you'd normally associate with online gambling casino winners, South Korea is experiencing a rush of popularity as a tourist destination for people looking to have fun. If you're looking for ways to experience the exciting and trendy lifestyle of Gangnam's celebrated subculture, and you've already enjoyed the classic thrills of Bodog South Korea website,, here are some recommendations for a great night out in true South Korean style.

Club Ellui in the capital city of Seoul is so hypnotizing that even the staff succumb to the beats. This enormous hotspot plays a combination of sounds, from funky to lounge-style house music, and its main stage attracts world-famous DJs such as Skrillex. The crowd here is young, beautiful and affluent, much like the guests of Club Answer, and both businesses operate a smart dress code. If you'd prefer a more mellow night, and you're keen to relax with 30+ flavors of hookah as well as sampling gojingamrae, consider the Rastafarian haven of Rainbow.

There's more to vibrant Seoul than upmarket Gangnam, however. Some of the most popular nightclubs are in the Hongdae neighborhood. These include well-known facilities such as M2, Joker Red and Harlem, and the last Friday night of each month is known for its "single fee entry" with a one-off payment allowing access to all clubs within the vicinity. Hongdae is also the location of SK@, a bar offering street food and Polaroids of its multicultural clientele, illustrating its popularity among travellers.

Elsewhere in Seoul the Itaewon region attracts various subcultures, including expats, with the result that establishments here have a freer, more open-minded crowd. Volume is the most popular electric club and revelers may warm themselves up by taking advantage of the cheap noraebangs in the surrounding area. Due to anti-gambling provisions for South Koreans casinos may be difficult to find, but you can always find some of the world's best free gambling games online.

It would be impossible to spend a night in Seoul without visiting one of the city's brilliant makgeolli bars. Moon Jar in Gangnam provides celebrity sightings and top-notch cuisine in addition to makgeolli cocktails. Wolhyang has the calm ambiance of a quiet cafe, giving you the perfect opportunity to share a meal with a friend or devour a glass of healthy brown-rice makgeolli while reading or catching up with the latest online gambling news. If you've already been quite lucky in your online roulette gambling, you may want to splash a little extra cash and consider the expensive but infamous Chin Chin and its Horangi ("Tiger") branded makgeolli.

Other cities in South Korea which host memorable evenings for travelers include Busan and Daegu. Daegu's Yasi-golmok and Rodeo Streets give ample opportunities for clothes shopping during the day but at night come alive with bustling restaurants and bars. "Yasi-golmok" is translated as "Street of the cute foxes", on account of the gorgeous women found passing their time there, and while dress codes are not as formal as in Seoul you may still want to dress up in order to really fit in. Two of the most invigorating locations are InVino, with its extensive wine list, and the games lounge Billibow

Many of Busan's glittering nightspots are along its waterfront. At night Gwangalli Beach is the colorful home to such energizing bars as Bong G, known for its wine-filled bags. Or, if you're missing home, places such as Beached cater for Western tastes, selling New Zealand beers through to British fish and chips. Alternatively, the busier Haeundae Beach comes with its own range of Westernised establishments, e.g. the very popular Fuzzy Navel, setting of nightly fire shows, and the Irish Wolfhound pub. There is also the contagious atmosphere of the Paradise Hotel's swanky Club Elune and Paradise Casino.

Other cities, such as Gyeongju, do not offer so much by way of night entertainment. In cases like these, we suggest you take advantage of your hotel's free WiFi and explore the best online gambling sites and research the next stop on your Korean itinerary.
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