Thursday, March 7, 2013

International Beer: Minoh Cabernet

Part beer, part wine, this crossover Frankenstein beer is a perfect example of some of the wonderful innovative beers coming out of Japan at the moment.
In recent years Japan has experienced a craft beer revolution.  It's not hard to stumble onto a small izakaya serving solely craft beer whilst strolling around a Japanese city.  Given the opportunity, it is highly recommended that one samples a beer from one of the most innovative breweries in Japan.

Run by the two Ohshita sisters, Minoh brewery is located in Mino-o Osaka, about 30 minutes by train from central Osaka .  Minoh produces a wide range of traditional and experimental styles and has been awarded with many honors including the World Beer Award for World's Best Stout in 2010.

One of the most innovative and experimental styles produced by Minoh is their Cabernet beer. It is part beer, part wine, made with a significant portion of Cabernet grapes.

The cross-over brew pours a beautiful magenta colour. It retains a bubbly low head. The tastes of tart grape and dry malt combine for a pleasant flavour on the palate. The brewed bevy has qualities of both wine and beer which makes creates a unique drinking experience not to be missed.   Well worth seeking out if you're feeling thirsty in Japan.

Alcohol by Vol: 7%


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