Friday, February 22, 2013

Hot Fish Fin Sake

Have you ever found yourself sat in your favorite neighborhood izakaya, sippin' on sake and thought "this sake is missing something.... something fishy...."?

During the freeze of a Japanese winter no other drink is as satisfying as a steaming hot cup of Sake.   The warmth of the drink combined with the alcoholic burn creates a furnace in the belly of the drinker that can thaw the iciest of toes.

Those seeking an additional surge of flavor may opt for a Hire-zake.  Hira-zake is made by steeping dried, char-grilled fugu fins in the hot glass of sake.  You may be familiar with the fugu fish as it is a Japanese delicacy famed for its toxicity; however, not to be worried, the fins contain no poison.

The addition of the charred fins give the sake an excellent charcoal taste along with a slight fishy essence.      The flavor combination is delicious and intoxicating and something not to be missed on a winter visit to Japan!

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