Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bangkok: The Greatest

That's it....  I've decided.   Bangkok is my favourite city in the world.

Why, you ask, would I fall in love with the stinking, sweaty, crowded an hectic streets of BKK?

Firstly: Thai food is, in my personal opinion, the best cuisine on the planet.  Pad Thai, colourful curries, green papaya and mango salads, delicious blends of Thai basil, lemongrass and oh so spicy Thai chillies; I love it all.   And where better to sample the cuisine's stemming from every region of Thailand than in it's capital city Bangkok.  Stalls found on nearly every street serve up top-quality eats for pocket-change and if you don't fill up on your first meal you're never far from the next stall.

Secondly: the people.  The Thai tourism department's use of the term "Land of Smiles" is backed by the warmth and friendliness of Thai people.   Many 'farang' backpackers fail to move beyond the limits of KhaoSarn road and really get to know Thai people.  Beyond the hassle of tuk-tuk drivers touting ping-pong shows and prostitutes is a city of genuinely nice people who will be happy to befriend you.

Thirdly and most importantly to this blog: Bangkok's nightlife is unreal.   No matter what scene you are looking for there is bound to be something for you.  Chilled out lounge bar, streetside bucket bar, ex-pat pub, euro-style mega club; you can find it in Bangkok.  While Khaosan road is famed for it's cheap buckets and foreigner nightclubs other areas of the city offer a wide range of nightlife options.
Royal City Avenue (RCA) has a wide selection of nightclubs largely aimed at the Thai student crowd.   The Soi's around Silom have everything from expat pubs to high-priced resto-lounges like the renowned Bed Supperclub.   Thonglor, offers up ex-pat oriented pubs and bars like the super-cool Iron Fairies Workshop.

Bangkok is the greatest city in my books and maybe some-day I will make it my home.  Until then I will keep exploring what the world's nightlife has to offer.


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