Monday, February 6, 2012

Sannakji: The Meal that Fights Back

Of all the exotic food I've tasted during my travels only one had enough nerve remaining to seemingly resist being consumed.  I had heard stories of the squirming octopus tentacle dish known as San Nak Ji long before I visited Korea for the first time last summer.  
I knew that this extremely fresh delicacy was something I would have to try for myself.   Tales of choking deaths and squirming stomachs were not enough to deter me from seeking out a nice little seafood restaurant and placing my order.
A party in my mouth but unfortunately not everyone was invited.....just one ill fated little Octopus.
I found the dish to be quite enjoyable on the whole.   Served with a side of sesame oil for dipping the slippery suckers, Sannaki provided one of the most interesting sensory eating experienced I have every had.  Every mouthful clings to your teeth as if out of desperation to survive (it is, of course, only nerve reactions and the octopus is long deceased).   I would recommend Sannakji to every visitor o Korea that is looking for a unique culinary experience.  
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