Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dice and Drinks: China's Most Popular Drinking Game

In nearly every bar in China dice games delegate who drinks and when.  The game is an easy and deal way to meet Chinese locals and break down the language barrier but travellers to China face the difficult task of learning the games tricky rules. So here it is, the step-by-step guide to the infamous Chinese dice drinking game.

Each player has a cup and five dice which is places upside down on the table with all dice inside and hidden. All players shake their cup to "roll" the dice then the, discretely, look at the dice they have.
Winner of the previous round goes first and calls out 2 numbers. Or if it's too loud to hear, makes two successive hand signals. For example 4 - 5. That means they believe there are 4 or more fives in total beneath all cups.  3 - 6, that means you think there are 3 or more sixes in both cups.
Next the other player calls out two more numbers. The first number must be larger than the first number the first player called out. The second number is anything from 2 to 6. So if the first player called with 4 - 5 the other could say 5 - 5. They could not say 3 - 6. The stakes must be raised with each turn.
Also, to make it more interesting, ones are wild. So all ones, in every players cup can be anything a player wants it to be.  If any player chooses to call the number of ones (ex . 4 - 1) then ones are no longer wild for the rest of that round.
 At some point, one of you will have to call out something that the other player assumes cannot be possible and calls them on it.
When either player calls a bluff -  both cups are lifted to reveal all dice. If in fact there are 4 fives, or whatever was claimed, the claiming player wins the round. Otherwise the player was bluffing, so the player who called the bluff wins the round.
 At this point, the losing player must drink 1/3rd of a small Chinese beer glass.
 In order to be understood over the loud music and noise in the club,  hand signals are often used.

The game can be played with multiple players which of course means calling higher numbers.

Good luck meeting new friends in China, or try the game out with friends at home!
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