Friday, August 5, 2011

Kathmandu: Backpacker Nightlife Haven

Kathmandu, a long time hippie traveller mecca is well set up to accomodate the needs of western backpackers.  with more irish pubs than irish people kathmandu's pub scene is vibrant and, well, intoxicating.  the traveller oriented bar scene dominates the Thamel traveller ghetto but a fair share of local nepalis frequent the area's bars as well.

Celtic Manang:
Small, dark upstairs Irish pub (with actual Irish owners). Has Guinness on the menu for 650 Nepali Rupees.
very friendly bar staff.

Tom and Jerry:
Spacious western style bar with tv's and t-shirts signed by Everest summiters hanging from the walls.  Free popcorn and wifi. Surprisingly quiet on most nights.

Paddy Foley's;
Open air rock bar with live band. not much irish about it other than the name and guiness on the menu.  unlike most bars does not include tax+service in drink prices! By far, the loudest bar in Thamel, this place rocks late into the night.

Neon pub:
High ceiling spawling bar with projection tv and live cover band.

Shisha terrace:
Sit on the floor or at a table and listen to the cover band that plays everything from Michael jackson to Bob Marley. Shisha pipes are, of course, available with a range of flavours.

Thakali Bhancha:
Not a bar but a family run restaurant that is one of only a handful of local joints that is good place to go for those looking to sample Nepali alcoholic drinks like Raksi and Chang on the cheap.

Everest Irish Pub:
A friendly vibe with excellent nepali barmen, pool tables and the standard irish pub decor. Not genuinely Irish but plays the part well.

Sam's Pub:
Mostly open air balcony with an interior bar with the signatures of patrons past on the walls. A great place to meet other travellers. Have a chat with the Austrian owner/bartender and enjoy the complimentary popcorn.

Fath Kath:
Comfy bar/lounge with floor seating and live music.  has a Southeast Asia traveller bar style for those missing a bit of Bangok.

The Factory:
Nice modern bar popular with locals. A live band rocks the place on weekends. Don't expect to find many travellers here as this is of only a few places in Thamel that is mostly Nepali.

Electric Pagoda:
Chilled out garden bar.  Strangely, one of only a few ground floor bars in thamel.

Funky Buddha:
Laid back garden bar and lounge on the ground floor with a raver trance scene in the blacklight lit upstairs club. This is the highest energy club in Thamel with many ravers from the Goa scene.

Fire Horse: 
"Bar with dance"... If you're interested in checking out one of the Nepali dance bars buy a drink here and dance the night away with one of the hostesses; an interesting cultural experience 
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