Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pokhara's Rockin Lakeside Nightlife

Pokhara is a serene lakeside city with stunning view of the nearby Himalayas.  As Nepal's third largest city and one of the countries most touristed locations, it is no shock that Pokhara has an abundance of places to party.  The Lakeside tourist area is where most of the city's nightlife is located; conveniently, as that is where most travellers will end up residing.  The best part about the lakeside party scene is the outstanding live music that many of the bars feature. A drawback of all nightlife in Nepal is that drinking establishments are required by law to close at 11pm (although many simply close the doors and windows at this time).

All venues listed below are on the street known as "Lakeside" unless otherwise mentioned.

Busy Bee:
A popular and long lasting lakeside establishment has a cool outdoor patio restaurant and an excellent cover band that rocks into the night.

Another live music venue with orange interior highlights paying tribute to it's Dutch namesake. Features a great streetside bar adding the to the already present musical entertainment with the action on the street.

Old Blues Bar:
Live blues music (no doubt) and a relaxed makes this a popular hangout for older trekkers and travellers.

Club Paradiso:
Unassuming exterior, apart from the pounding bass, gives way to a huge nightclub with a large dance-floor. Check the chalk board out front to see what is on, events range from DJ sets to chilled out  Movie nights.

One of the pricier bars in town, Monsoon has a fishing lodge feel with nice high ceilings and wooden decor.

Poshest of the Lakeside live music venues with uber-modern styling pricey drinks.

Another posh nightclub/lounge but no live music here.  DJ's sets draw in the trendiest locals and Indian tourists.

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