Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reflections on India: The things I Learned

Close to two months spent in India and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have been extremely lucky to have experienced all that I have and to have met the amazing people that made my stay extra special. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in India and it exceeded my expectations n every way. I would recommend travelling India to anyone seeking a unique cultural experience and a bit of adventure.Things I've learned from my stay in India:

-Cows are disgusting creatures and I hate them. I am happy that they are one of the most delicious animals and I will now enjoy veal even more than I used to.

-There are hundreds, probably thousands, of different indian dishes that taste exactly the same; delicious.

-Sometimes milk in India tastes a little bit like cow.

-The term "chai tea" is redundant as "chai" is the indian word for tea. Masala chai is the tastiest chai but can vary greatly in quality.

-AC class on the train is well worth the extra money.

-Cricket is an excellent when, and only when, paired with beer.

-The sound of a Royal Enfield motorcycle is music to the ears.

-Traffic rules in India are taken as nothing more than loose guidelines and the horn is a cars most useful accessory.

-Indians are the friendliest people of any country I have been to and never in all my travels have I met so many "locals" who I now consider my friends.
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