Thursday, May 26, 2011

Profit from Your Drinking Game Skills

Drinking games have been popular for many years and for good reason, as they're a great way to get the party started when hanging out with friends and can be an ideal ice-breaker in any situation. Whether you prefer board games such as the, hand-eye coordination games such as quarters or beer pong, or card-based drinking games like "Asshole" and "Screw Your Neighbor", you've got plenty of great options when it comes to drinking games. One thing you might not realize, though, is that in some cases you can put your drinking game skills to good use and actually pull in some hefty profits.

Beer pong is a drinking game staple around the world and has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years, with events like the World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) drawing more than 800 participants in 2010. Not only is the beer pong World Championship title up for grabs but there's plenty of cash to be won as well, with a $50,000 grand prize going to the winner of the 2011 WSOBP. Satellite tournaments let some teams win their way to Vegas for the WSOBP for free, so even if you don't win the championship title you still get to enjoy a weekend in Vegas and all the action you can handle at the blackjack, video poker, and craps tables.

If you're a veteran of card drinking games, you've likely learned a trick or two when it comes not just playing your cards correctly but also reading opponents and knowing when they're bluffing and when they actually have a strong hand. With some practice and time spent brushing up on strategy, those skills can be very valuable at the online poker tables, where top players can easily make $100,000/year or more. Millions of players compete at various online poker sites every year, drawn by both the profit potential as well as the convenience of being able to play from nearly anywhere in the world.

Once nice perk of playing poker, slots games online, and other casino games is that you'll also often be eligible for generous new player bonuses just for creating and funding your account, as many online sites offer lucrative cash bonuses and promotions to entice new players to their site. In some cases you can double or triple your starting bankroll with a new player bonus, which is in addition to any money that you win from your play at the tables. Terms and conditions can apply to bonuses, however, so be sure you read all of the fine print before you accept a bonus when signing up at an online site.
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