Monday, May 9, 2011

International Beer: Hayward's 5000

India's best selling strong beer, Hayward's 5000 Super Strong Beer, is for those not easily intimidated by it's aggressive branding; "Super strong" simply means not greater than 8% abv.   Hayward's is a SABMiller product whose acquisition of Shaw Wallace gave the company a good position in the strong beer sector which is the fastest-growing segment in the Indian market.

The beer is golden yellow in colour and pour with a finger of head and good lacing on the glass. The grains and sweet malt dominate the aroma. The taste is quite sweet with the grains and malts, once again, playing the main role a strong taste of alcohol follows.

Overall, not a good beer, more of an "it'll get you drunk" type of beer. If that is what your looking for, than Hayward's 5000 is a excellent choice.

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