Saturday, April 23, 2011

International Beer: King's Black Label Premium Pilsner

If you find yourself searching for new beer in India's endless sea of Kingfisher take a trip to Goa in search of the local brew.  King's Black Label Pilsner, which unfortunately is only brewed and sold in the state of Goa, is a highlight of any trip to India's party state.
King's comes in stubby bottles wither amber or clear in colour and is adorned with a regal black and gold label insisting of the beer's premium quality. Kings is among the top beer brands in India. Characterized by a very mild taste, smoky malt aroma and light color this beer is refreshing in the summer heat of Goa. This beer has a fuller body than the standard Kingfisher variety and the flavour is  mildly hoppy with a maltiness shines though.

Not an amazing beer overall but is decent beer coming from a tropical country. If nothing else it is a great bit of variety in an Indian beer market that is dominated by Kingfisher products.

Whether you are looking for a cheap all inclusive holidays or just a place to party on the beach, Goa is the place to be and Kings is the beer to drink while there.
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