Friday, February 11, 2011

International Beer: Switzerland's famous Feldsclösschen

Most people outside of Europe would struggle to name a beer produced in Switzerland; Overshadowed by it's Bavarian neighbors, and almost non-existent outside of Europe, I assure you, a Swiss beer industry does in fact exist.
Feldschlösschen is Switzerland's largest brewery.  Founded in Rheinfelden in 1876, the Feldschlösschen brewery in Rheinfelden has been Switzerland's leading brewery for more than 100 years. Feldschlösschen has a large portfolio of own beer and own mineral water brands as well as leading brands of other producers. The brewery is, since 2000, a part of the Carlsberg Group.

Feldshlösschen Original is the most likely beer of choice for a budget traveller in Switzerland.   Beer, in addition to everything else in Switzerland, can be quite expensive and Feldschösschen is one of the cheapest beers available. While it is, relatively, a cheap beer, it's not bad.
The beer is a pale 'lager gold' colour with a nice white head that lasts a varying amount of time. The aroma is slightly malty with some sweet tones associated with it. The mouth-feel is light, not watery, but not overwhelming with carbonation like similar North American mass production lagers. Overall it's a refreshing lager that certainly isn't amazing yet on a budget it goes great with hearty swiss food after a day of skiing or hiking in the Alps. At 4.8 % abv the alcohol content is average so be sure to pick up a few(at least) from the local Lebensmittelladen (grocery store) before hitting the town.

If you fancy yourself a beer-snob and money is no object, Feldschösschen offers a range of premium beers and most familiar European brands can be easily found in Switzerland.  Switzerland also has it's fair share of craft brewers to satisfy any beer lover's appetite.

Pröschtli! (cheers)
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