Monday, February 14, 2011

Bar-Golf: The Sport of Champions

This past weekend a friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful game of Bar-Golf.  I've never particularly enjoyed golf, in part because I have never been any good at it.  As it turns-out, I am practically the Tiger Woods of bar-golf (minus the whores).
Finished up 25 under par.

Bar-golf (Pub Golf to some) is loads of fun and a highly enjoyable way to explore any city while visiting full spectrum of bars in a short amount of time.  I think Bar-golf is a great activity for travellers and tourists because you are able to spend the day walking around a city while getting a little drunk. Even a 'tourist in your own city', as I was this past weekend can discover new areas and maybe a new favorite bar.

Organize your own Round of Bar-Golf:
Dress in your best golfing attire! Pass out score cards.  Hit 9 bars, preferably within walking distance of one another. (For the more experienced golfer's, try 18 holes.)
Scoring goes as follows: one stroke would be one drink, two strokes would be taking two tries to finish the drink, etc. (A stroke is counted every time you put your mouth to the drink, but gulps are not counted)
Keep track of your score. After 9 bars, the one with the lowest score wins!
Penalties are as follows:

  • +1 stroke = Spilling a drink
  • +1 stroke = Going to a bathroom at a water hazard (4th and 8th holes)
  • +2 strokes = Falling down
  • +2 strokes = Being refused a drink or kicked out of a bar
  • +5 strokes = Cheating
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