Friday, December 3, 2010

Berlin by Night

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I have been somewhat reluctant to write about the magnificence that is Berlin's club scene as I fear that without the knowledge of a local I could hardly do it justice. The best I can do is to describe the best venues that I personally have visited in Berlin and leave it up to you to explore and experience all that Berlin has to offer.

Kunsthaus Tacheles
Oranienburger Straße 54-56A
U-bahn: Oranienburger Tor
S-bahn: Oranienburger Str.
 Formerly a department store in the Jewish quarter of Berlin, after serving as a Nazi prison, the building was taken over by artists, who called it "Tacheles," Yiddish for "straight talking." The building was heavily damaged during World War II, though a large portion of it survived intact and today it hosts art galleries and installations as well as several clubs and bars.. The sandy backyard beer garden, which features an on old VW-van bar,  is a great place to start out on a summer evening.     The walls inside the ground-floor of Tacheles are coated in art and graffiti adding to the great urban, artistic vibe of the whole place.  Cafe Zapata on the ground floor hosts live musical acts while upstairs is High End 54, a bar and cinema screening independent films and Panorama Bar on the top floor. A really great and unique venue.

Warschauer Platz 18
U-bahn: Warschauer Straße 
Located in the über-cool setting of ten arching basement vaults of the Warschauer Straße railway station, this discothèque houses nine bars and seven dance floors.  The venue is an overall size of 2.100 square meters one of the biggest clubs in Berlin and the brick archways that separate the rooms give it the feel of some sort of secret bunker.  The multitude of rooms provide a variety of musical styles catering to whatever you're feeling at the moment.  All-in-all partying at Matrix will provide a far better time than watching the terrible Keanu Reeves trilogy of the same name.

Falckensteinstr. 49
S-bahn: Warschauer Straße
U-bahn: Schlesisches Tor
Across the Oberbaumbrücke (a double-deck bridge) from Matrix is where you will find the infamous Watergate.  The party at Watergate goes all night and well into the following morning. Located on the banks of the river Spree, Watergate features two levels and an outdoor dock area that is right on the river. The first floor is a casual lounge while the second story plays host to international DJ's spinning under the awesome ceiling light display. The bouncers at Watergate are very picky and turn a lot of people away. If you're a guy make sure to go with an equal number of girls so as to increase your odds of getting in.  Generally, if you get in, you will have a great time and probably find yourself watching the sunrise as you chill on the dock or while still grooving on the d-floor.

What to Drink
As for unique drinks to try while in Berlin, go for Berliner Weiße.  Berliner Weiß is a cloudy, sour wheat beer served in a bowl-shaped glass with flavoured syrups, such as raspberry (himbeersirup), or woodruff (waldmeistersirup). This style of beer is pretty weak by way of alcohol content (3%) but it is unique to Berlin so certainly worth having a few during your visit.


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