Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween in Southeast Asia

Halloween is my favourite holiday. Sure, Christmas is nice with all the family, food and Santa Claus, but it can hardly hold a candle to the hoards of skimpily dressed women and copious drinking that accompanies a North-American Halloween. Last Halloween was the first time I celebrated Halloween outside of Canada and it was distinctly different from my previous Hallows eves.
halloween  ThailandI had been travelling Southeast Asia for nearly two months when Oct 31st rolled around. I was on the Island of Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand preparing for the November 2nd Full-Moon party. I had planned on buying a costume on the Island so as to celebrate my favourite holiday in style, however, luckily I had bought a children's Power-Ranger-ish mask in Bangkok because the island was seriously lacking costume supply stores. When Halloween night arrived I was excited to enjoy a night of costume party debauchery just like home, however, to my disappointment, apart from me and my small group of Canadian friends nearly anyone dressed up at all. It was nearly a non-event, sure we enjoyed the regular beach foam-dance parties that Haad-Rin typically has on offer but the lack of a full blown Halloween party with ghosts, ghouls and slutty-(insert any noun here)s was somewhat disappointing.

As such, I am happy celebrate Halloween properly in Canada this year. Although i certainly wish I was travelling, a North American Halloween celebration is something I truly missed while travelling abroad. If you happen to be travelling for Halloween, do your best to find a group of fellow backpackers and travellers and make the best of it with your own Halloween celebration.

Happy Halloween!
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