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Singapore Slang

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Singapore, the great city that makes up a tiny country is a wonderful destination for any traveller. Whether you seek shopping, nightlife or cultural experiences Singapore has it all. Nestled on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore can provide a refreshing break from the hectic nature Southeast Asian travel but for those looking to do more than take breather, Singapore offers some of the best nightclubs in the world that make it no wonder why Singapore is an mandatory stop for any recording artist touring Asia.

Populated by Chinese, Malays, Indians, and a large group of workers and expatriates from all across the globe, Singapore is a Multi-cultural melting pot. While English is the primary spoken language most Singaporeans speak at least one other Asian language. As a result of the blend of cultures and languages a unique dialect of English, know as Singlish, has developed. While Singlish is nearly unintelligible to English speakers, nearly all Singaporeans are capable of speaking standard English. Despite Singapore's partly deserved reputation for being an uptight finance and business centre city knows how to party when the sun goes down.

If you are looking for a laid-back night out Boat  and Clarke Quay are the place to go. Boat Quay is a historical quay in Singapore which is situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River. Shophouses on it have been carefully conserved and now house various bars, pubs and restaurants.

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Clarke Quay  boasts more than 50 eateries featuring more than 20 different types of cuisine, and more than 20 bars, clubs and pubs. One bar of particular note is the hospital themed 'Clinic.' Patrons at clinic are seated in wheelchairs while they sip cocktails out of an I.V. drip bag for outrageous prices. The most impressive nightclubs at Clarke quay are the gigantic Mega-Clubs: Zirca and Arena. Zirca took over Ministry of Sound's former digs and has kept their tradition of pounding out electronic beats from internationally renowned DJ's. Arena has been in operation since2007 and operates on much the same format as Zirca. If you find yourself out in Clarke Quay either one of these venues is unlikely to disappoint.

Another great nightspot 'Dbl O' is found a couple blocks up the street from Clarke Quay. This large club boasts a total of four bars and a large dance floor. The best night to go is Wednesday when ladies drink for free.

The Mega-Clubs of Clarke Quay were undoubtedly inspired by Singapore's oldest and most popular nightclub 'Zouk.' Named after the French Creole word for 'party,' Zouk is three clubs in one catering to all tastes, be sure to arrive early if you want access to all three clubs as tickets sell out. A beach dance party called ZoukOut is organized at the beach resort Sentosa in December of each year. The event features DJ's from around the world and is a must see if you happen to be in Singapore at the right time.
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As for what to drink before hitting the dance-floor, Singapore Sling, is of course a classic. The sickly sweet pink mix of pineapple juice, gin and more sells for very high prices simply to take advantage of the tourist desire. Tiger Beer is Singapore's first locally brewed beer and the largest beer brand. It is exported worldwide to more than 60 countries. Alcohol taxes make drinking quite the expensive endeavour in Singapore, so if you are flying in make sure to stock up at the duty free.

The sights sounds and smells of Singapore make it a traveller's dream. So much to see and do are packed into this tiny Asian nation and the comforts of home are not hard find. The bars and clubs featured in this article are merely the 'tip of the iceberg' of what Singapore has to offer. If you haven't added Singapore to your travel itinerary yet do it now, but make sure to visit while you're young enough to explore what Singapore's vibrant nightlife has to offer!

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