Thursday, September 9, 2010

International Beer of the Week: Tsingtao

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Country: China

Best Enjoyed: Anywhere in China really....

Founded in 1903 by German settlers Tsingtao is China's largest brewery. The beer is produced in Qingdao in Shandong province and now claims about 15% of domestic market share. While named for the city where it's brewed the name of the beer uses the old French transliteration and the beer's logo displays an image of a famous pier on Qingdao's southern shore.

While Tsingtao brewery produces several varieties of beer, Tsingtao Beer, its flagship beer is a well-hopped standard lager with 4.7% alcohol. Originally, Tsingtao Beer was brewed in accordance with the German Reinheitsgebot ('Purity Law') utilizing only water, barley, and hops. Today however, Tsingtao beer, like many other beers made in China, contains a proportion of the less-expensive rice as an adjunct in the mash but as the label states, Tsingtao is still "Made with water from the famous pure mountain water of Laoshan."

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Straight from the classic green bottle (or plastic bag if you prefer) the aroma is of faint grains with some hop floral notes. The first sip finds a medium bodied beer with flavours of grain and bread and a malty sweetness. A healthy hop bitterness follows the malt character and creates a beer that is pleasantly crisp. All in all a surprisingly refreshing beer that is a great accompaniment to Chinese cuisine.

乾杯! [干杯!]   (Gan BAY)  (cheers!)
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