Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Snake Whiskey Anyone?

As a friend and I we're playing pool in a small bar called "Nam Bar" in Hoi-An, Vietnam we began to befriend the bartender. We were the only patrons that night so the bartender, named Moon, was happy to let us play whatever music we liked and gave us lots of great local information about the town.  At one point he asked us if we wanted to try some "Snake whiskey." I was immediately intrigued as i love to try local food and drinks, no matter how much they differ from Western norms.  He took us to the back room of the bar where there was a large jar of anonymous animal parts with some liquid, which I presumed to be whiskey.  Moon explained to us how they made it themselves in house from ingredients purchased from a traditional Chinese medicine shop and how the liquid had many health benefits for which he takes at least a shot a day.  Moon then prescribed my friend and me a shot,  I was happy to accept, my friend...declined the offer (how rude).  When poured, the shot contained no obvious animal extremities a appeared only as a yellowish liquid.  Down the hatch......uggh!  Not the best tasting liquor I have had, perhaps one of the worst, but if the what Moon tells me about the health benefits is true, I'll take it over Buckley's any day. 

snake whiskey
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