Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Packing Tips

Apart from the Standard Big Backpack here are a few items I found useful.

•Vacuum packing bags. Now I know a lot of backpackers are highly opposed to these because of the noise they make during early morning packing sessions but I have found them highly useful. Not only do they compartmentalize and compress clothing but they also keep everything dry in the event of an unfortunate tumble off a boat or rainstorm. But please be considerate and pack the night before if you are departing early from a dorm room.

•Plug converters; grounded plugs if you plan on bringing the laptop, but you won’t need grounded converters if u don’t have any 3 pronged plugs.

•A good light waterproof jacket is also a good idea, plus a very compact umbrella. I spent a whole day walking around in the rain once looking for a store that sold decent (but cheap) umbrellas.

•Bag locks and lots of them. Bring enough for every zipper on your bag plus a couple extra, they are easy to misplace and it’s always useful to have extra locks.

•Comfortable (yet stylish) shoes (Blisters are a bitch)

•Multiple money cards. I usually bring 2 different credit cards and 2 different interact cards, kept in different places at all times. If you lose one (or two) not the end of the world.

•Sleep Mask and Earplugs: Personally I like it really dark when sleeping, not always an option on buses/trains/rickshaws.

•A small sewing kit. Backpacks and clothes occasionally tear and its nice to be able to fix stuff on the fly (even if only temporarily).

•A reliable bottle opener. Many countries allow public drinking and it can be hard to find a bottle opener in front of any convenience store.

•International calling card. To keep mommy updated.
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