Monday, May 17, 2010


The first time I went backpacking in Europe I discovered the greatness of backpacker pub-crawls. Every major city in Western Europe has a decent selection of walking pub-crawls aimed at the backpacker crowd. Pub-crawls are ideal for anyone travelling alone and are the best way to meet some new friends when you arrive in a new city  to sight-see with the following days.  
The best of pub-crawls will include a power hour (all you can drink), a brief history lesson and shots along the way (just like college). Even the worst of these pub crawls will still provide a nice opportunity to meet some fellow backpackers while gaining an introduction to the nightlife when arriving in a foreign city.  
The best way to find information on which pub-crawls are available is by asking at the front desk of your hostel. If you aren’t staying at a hostel but still wish to go on a pub-crawl, don’t be shy, just walk into any decent backpacker joint and ask the front desk.
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