Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is the first post at Intoxicated Abroad (IA). In this post I'll simply outline what this blog is all about and I what I plan to accomplish here. Essentially, IA is all about party scenes around the world, more specifically the backpacker party scene. I have spent a significant amount of time abroad looking for the best places to drink, dance and if all goes well.... hook up. I now feel I should share my wealth of knowledge with the world by profiling my favourite bars, nightclubs, and party cities around the world. I also intend to recommend the ideal drink to have in each party city as well as providing reviews of local brews.

So now you're thinking "who is this guy and why should i listen to what he says?" Well, in short, this blog is purely based on my opinion and you may very well disagree with everything I have to say, however, i believe that my experiences can at least provide assistance as to what cities to visit and which bars to frequent while there. I have travelled to 37 different countries and have been to over 500 different bars and clubs worldwide. I have attended festivals and raves spanning 4 continents and intend to continue to explore and experience what the world has to offer.

Happy Travels,

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